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Developing a strong governance

Good governance is the cornerstone of a successful, thriving community organisation. There are many different styles and structures that organisations can consider when setting up or as they expand.

An introduction to organisational structures

Some basic guidance and tips on a range of topics related to organisational structures for community groups.

Asset 7  Introduction to organisational structures - CommunityNet Aotearoa


What is good governance? 

The guide covers things like:

  • The difference between governance and management responsibilities
  • The roles of office holders – treasure, secretary, chairperson
  • Te Tiriti governance considerations
  • Governing body recruitment, retention, orientation, succession planning and evaluation.

Asset 7  Good governance guide – Community Toolkit


Choosing the right structure for your group 

If you’re setting up a new community organisation, whether social, charitable, sporting, political or something else, you’ll need to consider which legal structure will be most appropriate for the group and its activities.

Asset 7  Choosing the right legal structure for your group – Community Toolkit

Asset 2  Table of legal entities

Asset 3  Choosing the right structure for your charity – Charities Services webinar

Asset 7  Charities and charitable status – This community toolkit explains how to register on the Charities Register what kinds of purposes qualify as “charitable” purposes, the Administrative responsibilities of registered charities, and removal from the Charities register.

Asset 7  Resources for partnership brokers – Partnership Brokers Association publications and resources, created for partnership practitioners by partnership practitioners.