Trust Tairāwhiti has made the decision to refocus our funding over the coming months, to address the emerging needs of families/whanau and businesses where Covid-19 has had a negative impact. 

No closing dates will apply, and applications will be considered on their individual merits, alongside the Trust’s wellbeing priorities.  For organisations that have recently had an application approved, or have already commenced work on an application, we encourage you to talk to us to consider any changes this situation has enforced. We want to be flexible, so discussion points may include:

  • Ideas where funds can go to the highest need, rather than necessarily spending it on the activity outlined in the original contract;
  • Reducing reporting requirements;
  • Extending reporting and spending deadlines.

Trust Tairāwhiti consider the following as priority areas for COVID-19 related initiatives in the coming months:

  • Community groups or business that support vulnerable members of our region, and currently face a lack of resource or foresee a lack of resource.
  • Organisations that have the capability to help prevent or mitigate the risks to human wellbeing, which may result from COVID-19.
  • Groups solving problems that COVID-19 has made significantly worse.
  • Volunteers supporting those in self isolation, with basic needs not being met, as a result of COVID-19.
  • New and emerging ideas to support the region, communities or groups in the emerging situation, which contribute to improving regional wellbeing

Social Sector Organisations Providing Essential Services

MSD have now compiled a list of social sector organisations providing essential services.  This list continues to be updated.  MSD advise that if you are an iwi, Māori or social sector organisation that delivers an essential service and you have not been contacted by a government agency, let them know by email at

Click here to see the list

Other Support Groups


Takitoru General Overview

He Tohu Ora, Regional Wellbeing is the priority at Trust Tairawhiti. To achieve this our Trust will make distributions that fund facilitate and support projects and organisations contributing to wellbeing. Grant applications are open, however our final framework will be released towards the end of July. Our funding dates are below. Where there is Covid -19 specific challenges we will do our best to expedite our process. Before submitting an application, we recommend you get in touch with one of our Takitoru team members to discuss your project: or

Wellbeing investments up to $10,000
Closing date:                Decision date:
14th Feb 2020              April 6th 2020
20th Mar 2020              May 5th 2020
17th Apr 2020              June 2nd 2020
15th May 2020              July 6th 2020
17th July 2020                Sep 7th 2020
21st Aug 2020                Oct 5th 2020
18th Sep 2020               Nov 2nd 2020
16th Oct 2020                Dec 7th 2020
20th Nov 2020                Feb 1st 2021
11th Dec 2020                 Feb 1st 2021
Wellbeing investments up to $100,000
Closing date:                 Decision date:
14th Feb 2020               May 5th 2020
17th April 2020              July 6th 2020
17th July 2020                 Oct 5th 2020
18th Sept 2020               Dec 7th 2020
16th Oct 2020                  Feb 1st 2021
11th Dec 2020                 Mar 1st 2021
Wellbeing research, investigation and feasibility investments up to $30,000
No closing dates.          Decision once all information is received and assessed.
Wellbeing investments $100,000+
No closing dates           Decision once all information is received and assessed.

Trust Tairāwhiti will be moving towards online funding applications and grant management shortly.  Keep an eye out for updates on this.


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