He Tohu Ora, Regional Wellbeing, is the priority at Trust Tairāwhiti. 
To achieve this, our Trust will make distributions that fund, facilitate and support projects and organisations contributing to wellbeing. 
Applications are open and the Wellbeing Framework can be viewed HERE.

Our funding dates are below. 

Before submitting an application, we recommend you get in touch with one of our Takitoru team members to discuss your project:

Wellbeing investments up to $10,000 and IRF
Closing date:                             Decision date:
11th Dec 2020                            22nd Feb 2021
12th Feb 2021                             6th  Apr  2021
19th March 2021                       3rd  May  2021
16th April 2021                         8th  June  2021
14th May 2021                           5th  July  2021
11th July 2021                           6th  Sept  2021
13th August 2021                       4th  Oct  2021
17th Sept 2021                           1st  Nov  2021
15th Oct 2021                            6th  Dec  2021

Wellbeing investments up to $100,000
Closing date:                             Decision date:
11th Dec 2020                            22nd Feb 2021
12th Feb 2021                            3rd  May  2021
19th March 2021                       8th  June 2021
16th April 2021                         5th  July  2021
14th May 2021                         6th  Sept  2021
11th July 2021                           4th   Oct  2021
13th August 2021                      1st  Nov  2021
17th Sept 2021                          6th  Dec  2021
15th Oct 2021                           1st   Feb  2021

Wellbeing investments $100,000+
No closing dates           Decision once all information is received and assessed.           Allow for 6 - 8 weeks for decision.

Trust Tairāwhiti will be moving towards online funding applications and grant management shortly.  Keep an eye out for updates on this.


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