Who can apply?

Any organisation charitable trust or registered charity can apply for funding to support a project that will benefit the people of Tairāwhiti.

What is the Trust looking to see in applications?

Projects and initiatives should:

  • Benefit our beneficiaries – the people of Tairāwhiti
  • Demonstrate a clear need with outcomes that align with our wellbeing framework
  • Have widespread community involvement and support
  • Work with local businesses and suppliers wherever possible
  • Be forward planning – make sure you submit your application well before the project start date

Applicants should also show how they:

  • Will focus on achieving their outcomes
  • Will work together with others to achieve common community outcomes
  • Are responsive to the communities they serve
  • Will align with at least one Muka in He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora our Wellbeing framework

What supporting documents do I need for the application?

All applications will need:

  • Project detail and budget, including other funds raised
  • Relevant quotes
  • Annual accounts for the previous 12 months and an income and expenditure statement if annual accounts are more than 12 months old
  • A pre-coded bank deposit slip, recent bank statement or verified bank document. The applicant's name needs to be the same as the bank account name
  • A written resolution from your organisation approving the submission of this application, signed by two different officeholders.

Application requests for the over $10,000 funding pool may require more information. Please contact our funding team before applying to discuss. 

Please note: All supporting documents are needed before your application can be processed.

How does the Trust assess applications?

We evaluate all applications consistently against He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora our wellbeing framework, using our impact assessment tool. A peer review group then assesses applications before a final decision is made by Trustees. We may contact you about your application during the assessment phase.

Is there anything the Trust doesn’t fund?

We don’t provide community funding for:

  • Business ventures or any capital expenditure associated with starting up a business. For business support, please contact our Economic Development team. link Business Page
  • Core activities usually funded by local or central government.
  • Projects that don’t align with our wellbeing framework.
  • Projects that don’t benefit the people of Tairāwhiti.
  • Projects that don’t demonstrate a clear need.
  • Retrospective applications – we can’t fund something that has already taken place.
  • Projects without community involvement or support.
  • Repaying or servicing debt.
  • Refinancing loans, deposits or underwriting projects.

When is the deadline to apply for the Trust Tairāwhiti community funding?

This depends on which funding pool you are applying to. We have monthly funding periods for under $10,000 and quarterly for over $10,000.

Who decides which projects will receive funding?

Our Community team carries out a thorough review of each submitted application. The review evaluates the application against He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora, our wellbeing framework, using our impact assessment tool. It is then peer reviewed by the Wellbeing and Impact team and Senior Leadership before Trustees make a final decision.

How will I be notified if my project is selected for funding?

We will contact you with the outcome of your application

What do I need to do if my application for the Trust Tairāwhiti is successful?

Successful applicants will need to report the wellbeing impacts across their identified muka to the Trust. We will provide guidance and more information if your application is successful.

What can I do if my application is unsuccessful?

The Trust receives hundreds of applications yearly, but we only have a limited funding pool. If your application is not successful, we’ll let you know why. There may be other funders who are better aligned with your project. Check out the funding resources for other funding opportunities in Aotearoa.

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