The research will advance our understanding of the brain, heart, and body to deliver health, social, and economic benefits regionally and globally.
A core focus will be on concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and cardiovascular research, alongside projects across a range of issues that impact the wellbeing of Tairāwhiti communities.
Trust Tairāwhiti distributed $500k toward Mātai research and also $500k as a loan. The local investment supported Mātai to secure funding from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF).
An opening ceremony was held on October 12 at the Poutama Room at Hauora Tairāwhiti and at the Paul Nache Gallery.

Mātai Concussion Research

Mātai concussion studies are underway in Gisborne. One significant project involves Gisborne Boys" High School Rugby Team.
The research involves filming players wearing advanced HitIQ mouthguards, tailored to fit each student.
The mouthguards allow Mātai to collect objective data of potentially unseen injury from tackles.
Once the video footage is valiPublishDated against high impacts, the data is correlated to other biomarkers, including eye tracking, heart rate variability, clinical assessment, and neuroimaging.
The aim of the research is to learn more about the complex processes of concussion to deliver affordable, portable, and objective tests at the scene of accidents.
The data will also aid objective surveillance, assessment and rehabilitation of injuries.

For more information on Mātai go to their website, HERE.