Terms & Conditions

Application for business support grant

You acknowledge that these Terms form part of your application.

  1. Upon approval of funding by the assessment panel, an application will form an agreement between the successful applicant and the recipient
  2. Once submitted, the application is considered final and not subject to amendment.
  3. Decisions made by the panel are full and final, not subject to review.
  4. The grant can only be applied for, and granted once per eligible business.
  5. You must only use the Grant for the use of recovery efforts from the destruction of Cyclone Gabrielle.
  6. Trust Tairāwhiti can review these terms and conditions for any subsequent fund allocation, programme, or extended claims period.  
  7. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is permitted to inspect or audit the information provided in this application 
  8. The Applicant must maintain true and accurate records in connection with the use of the funding. 
  9. The applicant must notify Trust Tairawhiti when the grant has been spent by email to businesssupport@trusttairawhiti.nz
  10. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment reserves the right to terminate the Grant if you do not comply with any terms and conditions of this Grant.
  11. You consent to Trust Tairawhiti and/or (MBIE) publishing your name and any Grant provided to you on a publicly accessible register.
  12. I accept that any information I provide is used to verify and assess the application by Trust Tairāwhiti, the assessment panel and Central Government and may be retained by Trust Tairāwhiti and may be retained by Trust Tairāwhiti for the purpose of understanding the regional economy. You can find the Trust’s privacy policy here (link to privacy policy)
  13. Under the Privacy Act 2020 you have the right to request access to all information held about yourself and to request corrections to that information.
  14. Tairāwhiti region is for this purpose defined by the Gisborne District Council boundaries.
  15. You acknowledge that you may be subject to civil proceedings for the recovery of any amount you receive that you are not entitled to and/or to prosecution for offences under the Crimes Act 1961 and all or some of the grant may need to be repaid if you:
    (a)    have provided false or misleading information; or
    (b)    fail to meet any of the obligations about how you must use the Grant; or
    (c)     receive any Grant or part of a Grant that you were not entitled to receive.