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About our framework
He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora is the Trust Tairāwhiti wellbeing framework and is at the heart of every funding and investment decision we make.
 To us, wellbeing means our people, whānau and communities of Tairāwhiti are able to live the lives we value, in ways that matter to us.
Watch this video to find out how He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora is designed
Te waharoa – the gateway to wellbeing
He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora is designed so applications go through the waharoa, a gateway built on the fundamental pou (pillars) of equity, sustainability.   Integrity is the taahu, the connector that joins our pou. 
Equity and sustainability focus on shared wellbeing for all people.  Sustainability is being ‘good ancestors’ and our obligation to future generations. Integrity acknowledges the importance of enduring relationships, te Tiriti o Waitangi and mana whenua of Tairāwhiti. 
We want to see applications that have considered the underlying principles of the waharoa.  Our application questions will help you think about and describe them as they apply to your project, programme or service.


HRHTO with text 2

Muka – wellbeing outcomes for Tairāwhiti

Muka are the fibrous strands that come from harakeke and when woven together are renowned for their enduring strength.  The six muka that underpin our framework represent the sum whole of what people, communities and businesses said.  We collated what you told us and the themes that emerged underpin the aspirational wellbeing outcomes we now have for Tairāwhiti.  Our muka are inter-dependent and inter-related and when woven together, create a dynamic and enduring vision that we have for regional wellbeing.  

We know that many applications will intersect across a number of muka.  We want to understand how the outcomes of your project, programme or service align with one primary muka in the framework.  As an extended option in your application, you can show alignment to up to two other muka - if you feel you can show independent wellbeing benefits across your chosen muka. 

We have highlighted in the red, the domains within each muka that we have linked to headline indicators.  These are a starting set of high-level indicators for us to understand how we are going as a region according to the He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora. 

The development of further indicators and measures is underway.  There is no doubt, we are on a learning journey as an organisation around how best to transition to better systems that measure impact well and with integrity.  This takes time as we start to understand and implement a new way of working that puts He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora at the centre.  Keep an eye on our website as we start to develop our journey story online. 

If you want further information please call 06 867 2640 or email us at  and we’ll make a time to chat.

Mātauranga Knowledge

Diverse systems of knowledge, information and Mātauranga Māori are accessible, utilised, valued and evolve.

Our Mātauranga Knowledge muka has a focus on access, use, value and development across diverse knowledge systems including Mātauranga. Looking beyond learning and education this outcome is about investing in -  and the importance of knowledge and information to be valued in all its forms to enable learning, understanding and growth at an individual, whānau, community and regional level. 

Hapori Communities

Communities are happy, healthy and empowered. The voice of communities is integral to decisions that impact their lives.

Our Hapori Communities muka is made up of broad domains that enhance and support happiness, health, and voice – broad yet fundamental building blocks to realising community wellbeing. Happiness.  ‘Nothing for us, without us’ - we know that people, whanau and communities that are able to control their self- and collective determination, lead to higher levels of wellbeing.  Happiness is about people experiencing more and more positive mental states, health and emotions. We are looking for innovation and solutions that accelerate our collective abilities to flourish.

Ōhanga Economy

The Tairāwhiti economy is diverse, innovative, resilient, and regenerative and provides access to well-paid, quality jobs. Our people have sustainable livelihoods from paid and unpaid work. 

Our Ōhanga Economy muka covers two main domains.  There are broad characteristics such as resilience and innovation with a focus on some of the correlating drivers (diverse, regenerative).  More targeted areas are about  access to quality jobs and livelihoods.  The Trust has prioritised the need for a region wide digital technology strategy as well as looking at food innovation, workforce development.  We welcome all applications that can show their outcomes and priorities showing a strong alignment to these areas. 

Taiao Environment

The quality of our land, water, air and atmosphere is pristine. Our biodiversity is abundant. We practice kaitiakitanga.

The Taiao Environment Muka captures the interactions between people and the natural world and the impacts of this relationship on wellbeing. We are looking for applications that support strong and positive interactions where both wellbeing of people and environment are mutually beneficial in terms of quality of life and quality of environment.  We address our obligation to future generations through our sustainability pou – this muka addresses what we are doing today with an assumption that if its good for our environment now then it will be good for future generations. 

Tūhono Relationships

Our people, whānau and communities in Tairāwhiti have respectful, connected and collaborative relationships.

Tūhono Relationships focuses on whānau and community connectedness as well as how we can encourage collaboration at a community level.  We are looking for applications that consider a more collective approach to like projects, services or programmes or at least an awareness of the broader context in which your organisation operates to avoid duplication or multiple services wanting to do the same thing and targeting the same people or communities. 

Tūtangata Cultural Identity

Culture connects the people of Tairāwhiti. We express, celebrate and value our diversity, heritage and taonga.

The Cultural Identity Muka of the Tairāwhiti wellbeing framework focuses on peoples’ sense of who they are personally in terms of cultural connection to Tairāwhiti, and also, in terms of how they relate to others. Two key themes are at the core of Cultural Identity.

The first of these relates to belonging and enabling people to feel connected to our region and to each other. The second theme is that of valuing different and shared identities.

These capture the intangible and cultural factors that are distinctive to Tairāwhiti and to our people that live here. Valuing heritage and taonga is a third sub-domain linked to Cultural Identity.


What we support

Enable the people and communities of Tairāwhiti by supporting initiatives that will deliver wellbeing impacts and outcomes.

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Our three funding pools are:

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  • Investigation, Research and Feasibility (IRF) up to $30,000

What we don't support

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